Friday, February 25, 2011


I created a "Tagxedo" which is basically turning words into a creative and colorful shape.  I chose a heart, of course, because adoption is something that is near and dear to us.  God tugged at our hearts and we listened.  So, the words that came to mind are scattered inside this heart of hope.  It's a creation I'm thinking of printing and framing maybe.  Tagxedos are fun to do.  You can click their site and play around to make one of your own for any occasion!  Here is the link:

Monday, February 21, 2011

Abe Lincoln and my Mom

I would not think to link President's Day to remembering my mom, but when I came across this quote by Abraham Lincoln, it just hit the nail right on the head!  "All that I am and hope to be, I owe to my angel mother."  So true!  I am glad my mom said no to me growing up.  I am glad she taught me about how to treat others.  I am glad she put her foot down on me not getting my ears pierced until I was 13.  I am thankful she insisted I call her to check in whenever I arrived somewhere as a teenager.   I am grateful I actually had to work to buy the things that I wanted instead of my parents just giving them to me.  All of these little things add up to the person I am today.  I can only hope to be as loving a mother as she was. I "act out " in my mind the things I hope to instill in our child.   "All that I am and hope to be, I owe to my angel mother."

made by Leelou

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birth Day

Many of you know I recently celebrated the "12th" anniversary" of my 29th birthday.  It was a week shared with friends, family, and hubby.  I received so many thoughtful and meaningful gifts and felt MORE than blessed.  Although in the back of my mind, I so kept hoping I would receive the one gift I wanted more than anything.  So, my birthday came and went and I felt a little sad to be honest.  I thought, how cool would that be for a baby to be born on my birthday!?   I had to give myself a little "You can't handle the truth!" kind of pep talk to make myself snap out this!  I know deep down that day will come when we get the call.  I know there will be a special new date that will be so meaningful to us. 

I shared the tulip story on my last post and since then, a pleasant little surprised emerged...  A third little "baby" tulip popped up and has blossomed.  I couldn't help but think of the two larger tulips as a "mommy and daddy" and the new little one as the "baby".  Maybe that was a little sign from God to give me hope and continue to have faith.  Maybe it was HIS gift to me to and a gentle reminder of what is to come. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tulips in February

An amazing colleague and dear friend of mine was so sweet to deliver a card and tulip plant to me with a touching message last week.  Which reminds me, I need to start wearing waterproof mascara again!  Being the "mush pot" that I am, I got teary eyed while reading her heartfelt words.  She wrote how she intentionally got tulips that were closed to remind me that patience brings beauty as we wait for it to bloom.  The best part was how she related it to the patience that God is nourishing in us as we await for our little one and birth mother to choose us.  She wrote that our family will "bloom" one day soon too!  It was the sweetest message and a beautiful reminder that good things come to those who wait.  Saturday afternoon, one bud was slowly opening and by evening, the other one began to open as well.  Today, both opened up.  Tulips in February are lovely!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beautiful Celebration

I have to share the cutest thing about one of my kiddos in class.  Yesterday she brought a treat to share with all the students.  It wasn't her birthday or star student of the week, it was what she called her "Adoption Day"!  She was so proud to tell the class what the day meant to her and why it was so special.  This was the day her adoptive parents made it official in court that their daughter belonged to them.  The kids were excited for her and loved her treat. (of course!)  I said they need to make a song for a special occasion such as this and one little boy chimed in, "Why don't we sing to the tune of Happy Birthday" but just sing "Adoption Day" instead?"  So, we did!  All 24 of us sang the song as if we had done it before a million other times and I just watched the little girl's face beam with pride!  It kind of brought tears to my eyes to think that that could be our daughter (or son) one day in their class room.  I just thought what a beautiful celebration and thanked God for being blessed with this child in my room this year. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Well, after two snow days this week, I look out my window and what do I see yet again? MORE SNOW!!  Forecast for tonight? snow Tomorrow's forecast?  a bit more snow  Monday?  you guessed it, even more snow!  Several people mentioned to me this week that with the cold weather, recent snow and ice storms, and the power outages, we are sure to have a surge in babies in the fall.  Probably a sure bet!  I hope we don't have to wait that long, but we continue to have faith and support from so many.  I did finally get the nerve to call our adoption agency this week to get some updates.  There are 10 couples (we are one of them of course) who are currently waiting for placement.  Since November, (the last time I called) the agency has been pretty steady with one or two placings each month.  Our case worker did mention that the babies who were placed had special circumstances.  One was a kinship placement (the baby was placed with a relative).  Another already knew the couple who they wanted to place their baby with.  There are currently only a couple birth mothers that they consider "active" right now.  We do not know when they are due or any details, but the agency is purposely vague so we don't get our hopes up.  It makes sense and it is better in my opinion.  I just keep focused and find comfort in reading other adoption blogs and scriptures.  In particular:  Psalm 33 20-22 "We wait in hope for the Lord...he is our help and our shield. In Him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in his holy name.  May your unfailing love rest upon us O Lord, even as we put our hope in you."

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Venti Nonfat Caramel Blogaholic

Okay, so I had the best of intentions of really utilizing this time (another snow day) to finish cleaning out one of our extra bedrooms for the nursery, but I digress... I'm a blogaholic, what can I say? (procrastinator)  I've been searching baby blogs, adoption blogs, nursery decor blogs (yes, those actually exist!), teacher blogs, crafty blogs, oh my goodness, and now I'm on MY blog!  All the while, wishing I was sipping a Starbucks Venti Nonfat Caramel Macchiatto.  BUT, it's snowing and blowing so hard,(and has been ALL day), it looks like God dropped a big 'ole bag of powdered sugar and I really don't want to get all bundled up and drive in that mess!  So, I just brewed the second best thing.  I love those Starbucks VIA flavored coffee packets topped with french vanilla creamer of course.  Mmm, that's good java!  Now I'm motivated a little more to go back upstairs and get some work done.  I really am thankful for this time though.  Time to pray, to reflect, to prepare for the day we get that call!    

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feng Shui Snow Day

I have been torn on whether or not to set up a nursery or just wait.  I have picked out bedding for a boy and a girl, but I've found no gender neutral themes I like.  Plus, ever since we put together our stroller/car seat/travel system, it sits in our dining room waiting.  Every time I walk by, I look at those things and just wonder... when? When, when, when?  So, silly me, will push that stroller around the dining room, through the hall, around the corner, into the great room, past the kitchen, and back into the dining room just to get a feel for what it will be like.  Scott just laughs at me!  We have a great sense of humor together.  So, today is a snow day and I have been wanting to clear out the room that will be the nursery.  I have been successful in shifting some things from the closet to the other spare bedroom's closet.  I have 2 bags of trash and I'm taking a break now.  I feel pretty satisfied with my "feng shui"ing for the day! (that's pronounced, "fung shway")  I think I'll take a lap or two now with the stroller just for the heck of it!