Friday, June 22, 2012

9 Months!

Still amazed and floored at how old my baby girl is already!  Nine months today.  Wow!  Well we are in full summer mode and it is really nice to be out of school!  I was taken aback a little when Miss Kiley didn't enjoy our first full week together.  I should've expected it though.  You'd think I'd know as a teacher, anytime you change routine and schedule for a child, their behavior changes.  DUH!!! I think she actually had daycare withdrawal.  Mommy is not as fun as my 10 baby friends!  Oh no!  She refused to sit in her high chair several times.  Naps...what are naps? Certainly not the hour or two hour ones (and even longer) she took at daycare!!  Oh no, twenty minutes at best in the morning, AND afternoon.  OMG!!! Although, the last few days have been better.  I kick myself for thinking I'd get tons of housework and projects done! ha!!! But, then I realized...does it really matter?  I try now to think positive and ask myself, what DID you get accomplished today?  When I do that, it forces me to realize I got a lot more done than I thought and should be thankful. When she fell asleep in my arms last night, I just gazed at her sweet face and said, "Thank you God for this precious gift!"

What is the little monkey up to lately?  Well... here are some fun facts and happenings...

- Kiley can sit up on her own for long periods of time,  Occasionally, she forgets and leans back.  I try to put her Boppy pillow behind her, just in case.  (you can see in the pictures)

- She has 7 teeth!  Yes, 7!!! That's not a typo!  3 on top, 4 on bottom, 2 are still pushing their way through, but you can definitely see them.

- She says "dada" now.  Although, Scott isn't completely convinced she knows what she's saying.  She actually jibber jabbers more now than ever!  It's really cute!

- Kiley is not crawling yet, but still rolling EVERYWHERE!  She is still doing the "Superman" pose, extending her arms and legs straight out, trying to "will" things to come to her.  The one and only time she kinda, sort of did an "army" crawl, was when I put my cell phone on the floor in front of her.  Boy, did that motivate her!

-Her 9 month appointment is next Tuesday, the 26th.  We can't wait to see what her new stats are.  We are guessing she's going to jump from the 40% percentile from her 6 mo. appt. to the 90% percentile for weight! She's a lil' "chump-a-lump", especially her legs!  But, it's cute on her!  Hopefully once she gets moving, crawling or walking, she'll slim down.

- She is eating more solids(baby food), less bottles.  This is good, since her fornula is $27 a can and it lasts 2 days.  It's like filling up your gas tank every other day!

- Kiley still smiles 90% of the time and is generally a very happy baby.  Recently, she starts to cry, if I get up to drop something off in the kitchen or use the bathroom.  Not all the time, but that separation anxiety is supposed to peak about now.

- Scott is the best at getting her to go to sleep.  I stink at it!  He has a way to hold her and "shushes" her in a manner that just makes her fall fast asleep.  I've been trying to perfect that during the day for naps, but I still have some work to do.

- She loves the Baby Einstein videos.  Kinda corny, but she seems to like them.

Here are recent pictures to show how much she has grown!  Unbelievable!

See all my "toofers"?

I'm a big girl, I can sit all by myself!

That was hilarious!!
Oh how I love bath time!

Chewing on my bath toys!
Uuuuugggggg, sitting up is exhausting!  I think I will take a break.

Outside Photo Shoot with Mommy 6/22/2012

Oooo, what's that?  Is that the Fed Ex truck?
Yep! It was, there he goes!
And here comes those jogger ladies mommy always seems to say a\lot  about!
There THEY go!

I can still see them!
Now. where did my monkey go?

Outdoor Photo Shoot - afternoon 6/22/2012

Ooooooo, pretty!
The lady bug hair clip was a gift from a parent of one of my students.  LOVE it!  

We went indoors, mommy saw a bee and freaked out!

I LOVE that my mommy is home with me all day now!