Monday, June 27, 2011

Perfect Song

It's back! The song playing now, is the original song I had playing when I began this blog. It is the perfect fit for our adoption journey. It left the Playlist and just wouldn't play, but it's back now and I'm so glad! It's just more positive and pleasant. Enjoy!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Increased Chances

In our search for a 2nd agency, I posted a while back about one that we really wanted to be a part of.  They were local, didn't charge an arm and a leg for marketing, and would expand our search throughout the state.  At the time, they were not accepting new applicants... until TODAY when I called!  I'm super excited at the opportunity this brings!  Now I have some "homework" to do. (Order 5 more profiles, submit an authorized release form to our current agency of our approved Home Study and misc. paperwork, drop off and meet with the director of new agency.) I hope to do all of this by the end of next week.  Now that school is out, I have nothing but time to devote to this.  Perhaps it was God's plan all along for it to work out this way?!  I stink at having patience!  I admit, I would give myself a "D" in this area.  The teacher could use a few review lessons on patience, that's for sure!  Well, I have some phone calls to make and need to get busy.  "A" for effort maybe?  Will keep everyone posted! 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

9 months and still waiting...

Well, this little lady's face says it all!  Hmmpphh!  LOVE her attitude!  That's about how I feel now.  We have reached the 9 month mark of waiting.  If I were pregnant, we'd be welcoming a baby any day now.  And perhaps we still might (hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge God ) but this 9 month mark is just that.  I have to keep the faith and remember this is a short amount of time to wait in the "adoption world".  I couldn't help but laugh though when I saw this adorable picture. I think the caption should be "What-EV"! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We are back from Disney and it was a blast as always!  Hot, but loads of fun!  We were chosen to be in Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade when we went to Animal Kingdom.  They outfitted us in typical Disney attire, safari vest and jungle Mickey hats.  They told us to smile a lot and wave.  Easy to do, but our mouths actually hurt by the end of the parade, from constantly doing it for about 35 minutes straight!  The best part was watching all the little kids' faces along the route.  They looked up at us and smiled despite the sweltering heat and humidity.  I couldn't help but think of the children and see so many different nationalities and races and wonder, what will our child look like?  There was one part of the parade where in the middle of the song, Mickey says something like, "life is an adventure and full of surprises, you never know what might be in store."  I thought, "Wow! Life surely IS an adventure, (more like "Rockin' Rollercoaster"), but it was rather fitting for where we are in our adoption journey.  There was only one point during our vacation that I got a little saddened by the fact that, here we are again at Disney, still with NO children.  It hit me when watching a pre-fireworks slideshow on the castle in Magic Kingdom.  It was called, "The Magic, the Memories, and You".  Here is a link to see and hear it. I can't even begin to describe the creativity and awesomeness of this show!  It literally brought tears to my eyes and chills, because it featured so many pictures of children with their families and all their wonderful memories at Disney.  It was spectacular!  The video doesn't even do it justice. You have to be standing there in front of the castle, experience the atmosphere, and hear the music blaring to get the full effect.  But, I quickly pulled myself together and said, "we will soon have pictures and memories just like these with our child".  It was a little "sneak-peak" from God I think. So, just like the song, "Let the Memories Begin", we are more than ready for our "Dreams to Come True".

Here are some more pics from Disney.  Yes, we are total "goobers"!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cool Adoption Video!

Don't have much time, but thought I'd just share a really cool adoption video I found.  Some definite surprises!  At least for me.  Here is the link:

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Looking Forward to Summer!

There are just 3 and a half days left of school and I'm getting really excited about summer now!  I got so much done this week at school, I'm farther (or is it further?) ahead than I've ever been for this time of year.  I guess getting older, and having taken my classroom apart so many years, I've pretty much got it down to a science!  Plus, we are headed to Disney soon!  That is a real motivator to get moving too! We were kind of torn as to book a flight or not.  What if we get the call?  But, I've said this before, we can't put our lives on hold.  I think the point is to stay busy so we're not dwelling on "WHEN is it going to happen?".   I am looking forward to doing lots when we get back from vacation.  This picture pretty much sums up my mornings.  Sipping my coffee, on the laptop, perusing school and adoption blogs. There are a ton of other things I want to do as well... NESTING (clean out and rearrange cupboards), scrapbook, recharge my battery by visiting with friends and family, golf with Scott, shop, and definitely exercise more!  And read! (books NOT about school and books for school) We are praying God blesses us this summer!  While it would be the most ideal time, it's got to be HIS time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Me in "Blogland" with my coffee!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

For Every Little Miracle

With the whirlwind of things winding down at school and all there is to do before the end of the year, it is hard to find a moment to blog.  I did treat myself tonight for a little bit and came across this adorable video by Pampers.  I dare you to not cry.  Actually it's very sweet and made me smile. I love how they thought of so many situations and ways new life begins.  Every life truly IS a miracle! Beautifully done!  A+ Pampers!