Tuesday, March 27, 2012

6 Months!

I'm a "roly poly bug".
Today marks the day that Kiley was officially placed with us 6 months ago. Scott said to me, it's been half a year that we've had Kiley.  That really hit me!!! Amazing!  6 incredible months!

We just had our last post placement visit with our social worker from our agency last Friday.  We signed a few papers for the finalization and chatted a bit and we were done in about a half hour.  These visits really haven't been bad at all.  She just comes and asks what new things Kiley is doing and we talk about her non-stop really.

What is new?  Well... Miss "Drooly Monster" rolls over like crazy!! She rolls from back to belly like there is no tomorrow and then back again.  Belly to back, not as much, but she can do it!  She prefers to sleep now on her side or belly.  That freaked me out a bit because of hearing and reading how important it is to have baby sleep on her back.  Needless to say, after a night of almost no sleep and going in and turning her on her back when I heard her roll on the monitor, I learned the hard way.  Researched and read a million mommy blogs all saying the same thing... if she can now roll easily both ways, and lift and turn her head with no problems, she can sleep however she is comfortable.  SIDS decreases significantly once that happens.  So, I feel much better now.

Kiley is eating rice cereal once or twice a day.  Not much, maybe a tablespoon or more.  She sometimes does real well, but other times, it's on the spoon and next thing it's being sprayed in my face with a lovely raspberries sound!  She does love sitting in her high chair though!  She's a big girl now.

She can sit in her Bumbo seat.  It's cute to see her sit up and play with toys on her tray.  Especially this one merry go round like toy.  She really pulls and turns it, so much that it comes off both the high chair tray and Bumbo tray.

Kiley goes to the doctor for her 6 month checkup and shots this Thursday.  Anxious to find out her new stats.

She can pull her feet and toes to her mouth.  We just watch in awe of how flexible she is, my goodness!!

We are SO looking forward to the month of April.  The 16th is the BIG Finalization Day in court and the 22nd will be her Baptism.  Very special days coming up indeed!

"My "official" 6 month picture my mom makes me take every month."

You know I have to chew on my fingers at least once during photo shoots.  It's in my contract!

Okay, I'll "ham it up" a bit.  Daddy is making me laugh off to the side.

Our favorite "Smiley Kiley" picture this month.
Uncle Jeff came over and I loved touching his beard.  

This is my Bumbo seat. I'm learning how to sit up.

Doesn't she look guilty here?  It's like she's saying, "What?!!! You talkin' to me?"
Mom has been waiting for me to grow into this outfit!

I'm a cuddle bug.