Thursday, February 23, 2012

5 Amazing Months!

I know I say this every month, but... WOW!  Kiley is just the most amazing little thing that entered our lives!  She got sick again, poor thing.  I don't think she even knows what healthy is!  That's sad for a mere 5 month old.

The last few weeks though have been more than "eventful".  On Super Bowl Sunday, she rolled over for the first time!! She was enjoying tummy time and trying to watch the football game, (the bright colors catch her eye), and she just rolled over and smiled!  I put her down again and she rolled over a 2nd time!  So, then we got smart and grabbed the video camera and caught the 3rd roll on our camcorder! (Duh, I know!!) She giggled and didn't quite know what she did to get that response from us, but it was pretty cool to watch.  She has not done it since then, but I'm sure it'll happen again soon.  The next weekend, she got her first tooth!! Yeah, I know, too soon too I thought!  Apparently not.  It didn't seem to bother her.  She just loved stuffing her fingers and whole fist in her mouth and drooling.  Then this last weekend came.  Oh boy!  It was supposed to be a fun birthday weekend for me, but it was nothing but.  I got the flu and was really sick.  Kiley refused her bottle all day off and on and took very little formula Saturday.  She became increasingly fussy and we were starting to worry about dehydration and what else might be going on with her.  Ended up calling the dr. and they refer you to the nurses at the hospital.  They thought she might have an ear infection and to take her to Stat Care.  Well... Scott had to go without me, because I was so sick and probably contagious.  It's probably a good thing I didn't go, because he told me all the things they did to check her out and I would've been balling my eyes out I'm sure.  She had bloodwork done.  They couldn't find her veins easily so she got poked and prodded in both arms. : - (  She had a chest x-ray, she was starting to get a cough again.  Her ears were fine, blood work came back fine, her chest was good, she was just cutting her 2nd tooth!!!!!! Kiley got extra TLC when she got home of course.  She was a trooper though!  Since then, though, I got better, but she got worse.  That cough is terrible to listen to!  Took her to the doctor yesterday and she has a viral infection.  Probably from my illness over the weekend.  She is on Prednisone.  She's been drinking more and we've supplemented with Pedialyte.  I've been and going to stay home with her the rest of the week to get her healthy again.

We received information from our agency and attorney for Kiley's Finalization Date.  We are SO looking forward to April 16th!  It will mark the "final" process of this beautiful journey we have been on.  It will mark the final day of our adoption and she "OFFICIALLY" becomes OURS!!!!! (although she has technically been ours all along in our eyes!)

We went to Baptism Class last week and took Kiley with us.  She was as good as gold!  We are hoping to get that date on the calendar here soon too.  We just have to wait confirmation from our church for the day we requested.  All in good time, I know!  We viewed a video of the baptismal process with infants and I already know I will not make it through without crying tears of great joy!  Heck, I even teared up watching the silly video!   Mushpot, mushpot, mushpot!  I know!!

So, those have been some highlights of our recent weeks.

Now for some pictures of how much Miss Kiley has changed and grown!  She is now 14 lbs. 25 inches long almost!  Eats 6.5 oz. every 3 hours or so.  Sleeps pretty good throughout the night.  Still smiles non stop.  She actually giggles when you blow "raspberries" on her neck or belly!  It's precious!  She coos and tries to talk with us a LOT!  Some days she has so much to say!  Her ezcema has cleared up quite a bit.  The new pediatrician prescribed this Derma Smoothe oil that really works well.

The look of concentration... "Where are you my yummy fingers?"
Kiley LOVES her daddy!  Sharing some tender moments.
"Ooooo, Daddy, I love feeling your whiskers!"
A parent got this cute little outfit for Kiley for  Valentine's Day.  It will be a perfect for spring!
Cutie Patootie!
"Mom is at it agaiin,.  Here's my "official" 5 month picture."
Mommy and Daddy love my blue eyes.
Such a big girl!