Thursday, November 24, 2011

Beyond Thankfulness

Long time, no blog, I know!!! Being a mommy is hard work for sure!  Plus, when your little one is sick, it makes things even harder.  I do miss blogging, but caring for Kiley is my top priority and brings sheer joy to our lives!

I had wanted to post these 6 weeks pictures a couple weeks ago, but I was just going back to work and well... you know how that goes!  Getting ready in the mornings and everything for daycare prepared the night before is a whole new ballgame!  I wouldn't trade it for the world though.  I love it all, hard or not!!!

Cuteness times 10!!!!

I did manage to snap some 2 month old photos on Tuesday, despite her not feeling so well.  I was also happy to get some Turkey Day pictures of our sweet, sweet baby girl.  I am no photographer, but I did my best to capture her smiles and expressions.  Then, our excellent camera must've been sick too, and decided not to flash when it clearly should've!  Good gravy!  Nevertheless, here are some recent pictures for all of you who have been waiting since Halloween!

I got so excited she was smiling, I cut off the sign showing "2" months.  But it's still just as cute as can be in my  opinion. Plus, the fact she let me put on a headband was an extra bonus!!!!

Just to prove this is her 2 month photo, I included the "non" flash pictures too.  They would've been SO cute!  I love these three, because this one captures her look of, "Oh, here we go again Mom with the photoshoots?!!, Really, again?"
I love her laugh here!  It was hilarious!

This one was great because if you look closely, she's pointing to the sign, as if to say, "See, look!  I'm 2 months old, how 'bout that?!!!"

Today we are BEYOND THANKFUL for our miracle from God.  She is truly a blessing!!! Today, she was our "Smiley Kiley" self for a little while in between her coughs and sneezes.  Here are the Turkey Day pictures.

Kiley says, "I don't know about this one, you are posing me with a turkey?"

"I am getting sleepy just THINKING about turkey!  Bring me my bottle, that sounds so much better!"

This if my absolute FAVORITE one of the day!  She was loving  Daddy and smiling up a storm for him!

I still want to snap a quick photo of her backside because there is a cute turkey on the pants.  If I can get her to cooperate, maybe I'll be lucky to post before Christmas.  I am going to try not to go that long in between posts.  We have Santa pics on the way and some of our own "creative' pictures for the holiday as well.  Wishing all of our family and friend a Happy Thanksgiving, we are grateful for you all!