Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Kiley!

We are so, so blessed to celebrate this day.  It was so much more than a 1st birthday party, it was also a celebration of life.  Kiley has brought an incredible amount of joy not only to us, but to our family and friends as well.  For that, we are truly grateful to God.

Planning and preparation for this party took several weeks.  We invited around 30 people and with Ohio weather, you never know what you're going to get.  So, we held the celebration in the garage.  Now, at first, it doesn't sound like a very fun place to have a party, but it ended up being perfect.  We'd decorate and organize things into piles, when munchkin went to bed each night, so it was all ready on the big day.

After hours of perusing Pinterest this summer, I knew we had to go with the monkey girl theme.  It's way cute and there were plenty of party things that were easy to find in stores. Although, I did become obsessed with just the right outfit and I did get an outfit from Etsy.  I couldn't wait to dress her this afternoon.

Here are just a few pictures for now, but I promise to post more very soon!  It has been a busy day, but it was all worth it!



  1. Happy Birthday Kiley!! You have made a lot of people very very happy! I can't wait to see all the birthday pictures.

  2. Kiley's birthday party was so special and perfect in every way - the decorations, cake, and Kiley's birthday outfit were awesome! The weather cooperated, too! Kiley was so happy, smiling and waving, and content to sit on family & friends' laps. It was such a memorable day for all of us as we participated in this blessed event!