Thursday, July 5, 2012

First 4th of July

Kiley's 9 month check up went very well.  She now weighs 19 lbs. and 4 oz.  (57th percentile), she is 27 and 1/2 in. long. (47th percentile), and her head circumference is 46.2 cm (95th percentile). She is learning so much now so quickly!  Just this week, we gave her Cheerios for the first time and her coordination is pretty good.  She can grasp the cereal pieces between her thumb and forefinger and bring them to her mouth.  The release is sometimes an issue.  Kiley will have so much slobber, the Cheerio disintegrates, then  it is either smeared on her face, or it falls down in her high chair.  She loves to hear herself crunch it, so she tries to take a bite of such a small piece of food anyways, half goes in her mouth, the other half falls.  Yesterday and today though, she tried to pick up more than one piece and put multiple Cheerios in her mouth at the same time.  Then, some gagging usually occurs.  So, mama has learned to only put one piece out at a time until she learns.  Or, I put 2 or 3 out on her tray, but space them far apart and monitor her very closely.  Nevertheless, the faces she makes are priceless and I love watching this new skill!

Another new thing she JUST learned this week is the little "hermit crab" move I like to call it.  She is laying on her belly, then she backs herself up into a sitting position.  She did this on the floor a few times, now her Pack N Play and crib.  She's still trying to master crawling.  Kiley will be on all fours and she just kind of "revs" up like a car.  It's like she's going to move, but she just rocks back and fourth on her hands and knees.  She's SOOOOOO close though.  We think it's just a matter of time.

I got to hear her laugh a true, belly laugh.  Not just a giggle, but a hardy, gut, hysterical laugh.  She did it while watching one of her Baby Einstein videos.  She busted out in this silly laugh whenever this one puppet would introduce a new instrument or pretend to play an instrument.  This was the best thing ever!  I actually was thinking and got it on video.  If I can manage to figure out how to upload it, I will share.

And Miss Kiley loves to blow "raspberries" at the most convenient times.  Typically in church and when it is completely silent!  Or, when we are out and about, in a store shopping or at Panera.  It's cute though.  Everyone laughs.  She recently this week was sitting on my lap, leaned over and did a raspberry on my arm. It not only sounded cute this time, but it felt cute too!  She just turned and looked at me like, "How'd you like that mama?" Even though she won't say my name yet.  We're working on it though!  Both verbally and with sign language.  Usually, I'll say "mama", "mama" and she answer back with a "dada", "dada".  That's o.k. though, she's talking and that's a good thing!

Here are some recent pics and a Fourth of July little scrapbook of photos on Smilebox.  Enjoy!

I LOVE Cheerios!  (and holding a spoon at the same time!)  It makes me feel like I'm a big  girl!

See, I can do it by myself!

Ha ha, I don't need to take a nap!  I can sit up and play and talk to myself instead!  BTW... I see you  mom taking a picture of me!

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  1. O my - these pictures are so uplifting for those of us out here in "Kiley Land"! The photos and captions are awesome - you may have a new career in photography, Kim! Kiley is growing so much and doing so many new things - it is awesome to have these activities captured!~

  2. I agree with Pat, I am way out here in Kiley land and just love all that you post and seeing all the new things miss Kiley can do! Love that she is learning sign language as well!