Wednesday, July 25, 2012

10 months - a little late

This post is a few days behind!  Kiley turned 10 months on Sunday.  Scott's family picnic was that day and it was a hot one indeed!  Kiley did well overall.  Her cheeks got a little rosy.  I did what Mom always used to do, put a cold washcloth in a baggie and kept that in her insulated lunch bag.  I put her bottle, Cheerios, and baby food in there with an ice pack.  When she was looking kind of warm, I pulled out that wash cloth and just wiped her face down, her neck and head a little bit.  She loved it actually.   After we got home from pigging out, we just kind of all "vegged" out and laid around the house.  It was a lazy day.  Then, the beginning of the week just kind of took off with housework, planning for school, and here we are at Wednesday already!  MY gosh!  I am going into school to begin setting up my classroom a week from today, August 1st.   Kiley will go back to daycare. : - (    It won't be the full day, just a partial day to get her (and me) back into the groove.  I think she'll love going back and seeing her little baby friends again!  She'll likely be one of the older ones now, in the infant room.  She won't transition into the "First Steps" room until 15 months.  I think it will probably be more difficult on me than her!  It will be like maternity leave, 6 weeks give or take a day.  I am SURE going to miss taking our time waking up.  Holding her and cuddling each morning before feeding her.  Playing on the floor, reading stories, trying to teach her to crawl.  Yeah, that's not quite happened yet!  She still is a little crab and just maneuvers backwards mainly.  Kiley is SO close though!  We still think she's probably just going to skip crawling and go straight to walking.

There are a few new things our little munchkin is now doing though.  She does "Patty Cake" all the time, claps her hands a lot.  She also is waving now.  We were sitting on the front porch the other night, watching for daddy to come home and as cars went up and down our street, she'd wave to them as I said, "bye-bye". It's cute!  When it's time for bed too, she'll wave to daddy when I take her upstairs.  She knows what it means.

I wish I could say I had a great photo session for her 10 months, but this one was a little more difficult.  It kind of took place over a couple days and the pictures are not the best.  But, here are a few snapshots of Miss Kiley to see how she's growing.

I LOVE my mommy's cell phone!  There are pictures of me on there and I love to look at myself!

Kiley loves bags and the chewing on the handles or straps.

Mommy wants me to wear my big girl sunglasses, but I'm more interested int chewing or licking them.

When I actually DO wear them (for all of about 2 seconds), I look like a cross between Bono and Elton John!

I love this picture because it shows her blonde hair a she's just sitting up  like a big girl.  

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  1. KIM! This is a darling post!!! Kiley is a doll!!